The House Range Loop

Three Millard County herd management areas in one day, with excellent mustang viewing possibilities. 

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Centered on the Old Highway 6 & 50, this tour follows broad, well-groomed unpaved roads suitable for any well-maintained vehicle during dry conditions.  The route extends from the UT/NV border through Conger Mountain’s Camp Canyon, through Marjum Pass into the Sevier Desert east of Swasey Mountain, then back around to the west side of the House Mountains and through the Tule Valley side of the Confusion Mountains.  An alternative route extends between Delta, UT and the Border Inn, with the additional option of returning to either starting point by adding a final 86-mile drive along US 6 & 50.  The Border Inn, just west of the state line near Baker, NV, offers fuel and a convenience store.


The Complete Tour

From The Border Inn, head east on US 6 & 50 to the Little Valley Road turnoff at mile marker 16.  Turn left, driving north 8.7 miles to the fork with a sign indicating Conger Spring to the left and Skunk Spring to the right.  To visit Conger Spring, follow the left hand route 1.5 mile, returning to this fork to continue the tour.

Watch for horses for the next 24 miles of this tour.  Take the right hand route and continue 10.4 miles through Camp Canyon.  This places you at the turnoff to Skunk Spring (0.2 mile east) and Ledger Canyon (eastern side of the ridgeline, see the Conger Mountain page for more information).  If you decide to visit these areas, return to this intersection to continue the tour.

From the Skunk Spring turnoff, continue north along the Camp Canyon road another 3.4 miles to the intersection with the Old 6 & 50.  Turn right and follow the old gravel highway southeastward through Marjum Pass, about 27 miles.  As you begin this leg of the tour, the Conger Mountains HMA lies to your right and the Tule Valley section of the Confusion Mountains HMA to your left.

About 9 miles beyond the narrow, winding corridor of Marjum Pass, turn left at the intersection with the sign indicating Antelope Spring, Death Canyon and U-Dig Fossils.  I have spotted horses all along the next 30 miles of the tour.  When you reach the crossroads at Antelope Spring, about 4.9 miles down this road, turn right onto Swasey Springs Road and follow as it curves northward around the southern foot of Swasey Mountain.  Keep left on Swasey Springs Road at the fork to Laird Peak, 13.8 miles beyond Antelope Spring, and left again onto East Spring Road 5 miles later.  From this point, the road begins to undulate through knolls and washes, but remains easily navigable.  Continue another 10.5 miles as the road turns westward toward the T-intersection with Sand Pass Road.  This marks the northern perimeter of the Swasey herd area. 

Turn right on Sand Pass Road and travel north 1.4 miles to Weis Highway, another wide, well-maintained gravel road reminiscent of the Old 6 & 50.  Turn left and head westward 6.3 miles to the Well 58 Road turnoff.  You’ll pass an old corral and small pond about 1.2 mile prior to reaching this turnoff.  Follow this road 10.4 miles to reach Well 58.  Now you are at the northern end of Tule Valley, with the Confusion Mountains immediately west and the Disappointment Hills rolling northward.  Follow the road as it turns southward around Well 58 (avoid the less-traveled forks arcing to the right).  Continue 13.7 miles south to reconnect with the Old 6 & 50.

A visit to Coyote Spring will add 17 miles to your trip.  To add this leg, watch for the eastbound turnoff on your left about 8.5 miles south of Well 50.  Follow this road 8.5 miles to reach the spring.

When you reach the T-intersection with the Old 6 & 50, you will be about a mile and a half west of your Tule Valley entry point from Skunk Spring earlier in the day.  Turn right onto the gravel highway and travel west 20.7 miles until the road ends at Gandy Road.  Turn left and continue another 12.1 miles to US 6 & 50.  Continue westward (right) another 0.7 miles to return to The Border Inn.

The complete tour covers between 165 and 185 miles, depending upon drive straight through or opt to visit the three springs mentioned (Conger, Skunk and Coyote).  Plan on 5 to 6 hours of actual driving time, with additional time and mileage if you also decide to venture into Ledger Canyon from Skunk Spring.

Alternative Route: Baker, NV to Delta, UT

This route also begins at The Border Inn, but proceeds more directly to Delta, UT rather than looping back.  You may turn this into a loop from Delta by starting out with a 70-mile leg to Little Valley Road, but bear in mind that this extends the entire trip to over 240 miles.

To begin from The Border Inn, trace the route described in the directions above until you reach the intersection with the Old 6 & 50, 3.4 miles north of Skunk Spring.  Turn left at this point, driving 1.6 miles west to Well 58 Road.  Turn right on Well 58 Road and continue north 13.7 miles to Well 58.

To visit Coyote Spring, watch for the eastbound turnoff 5.2 miles north of the old highway.  Turn right and continue 8.5 miles to the spring.

To continue the tour, follow the road as it veers right around Well 58, and continue 10.4 miles to the Weiss Highway.  Turn right, driving 6.3 miles east to Sand Pass Road.  Turn right again onto Sand Pass Road, driving another 1.4 miles to turn left onto East Spring Road.  Follow East Spring Road as it begins eastward and slowly curves more southerly.  Remain on this road until it merges with Swasey Spring Road after 10.5 miles.  Stay on Swasey Spring Road for the next 18.8 miles, continuing straight (keep right) through the Drum Mountains Road Fork 6.8 miles along.

At Antelope Spring, turn left onto Death Canyon Road, heading south 4.9 miles to the Old 6 & 50.  Turn left and follow the old highway about 22.7 miles, until it intersects with the modern US 6 & 50, ten miles west of Delta.  Turn left, and continue 10 miles into town.

This point-to-point tour covers 160 miles (180 if visits to all three springs are included).  Plan on at least 4 hours actual driving time.  To reverse this route, start west from Delta on US 6 & 50, watching for the gravel road a few hundred feet before mile marker 76 – this access point to the Old 6 & 50 is unsigned.  Remember that the return to Delta from Little Valley Road is about 70 miles with no services available along the way, pushing your total mileage near 250.  Take an extra 30 minutes to gas up at the Border Inn (16 miles west) before making your way back to Delta.

Key GPS Coordinates

  1. The Border Inn: 39° 3.396' N114° 2.934' W

  2. Little Valley Rd from US 6 & 50: 39° 3.610' N113° 45.450' W

  3. Conger/Skunk Spring Fork: 39° 10.407' N113° 43.324' W

  4. Conger Spring: 39° 11.367' N113° 43.435' W

  5. Skunk Spring: 39° 17.784' N113° 38.789' W

  6. Old 6 & 50, north of Skunk Spring: 39° 20.445' N  113° 37.686' W

  7. Death Canyon Rd from Old 6 & 50: 39° 15.650' N113° 11.206' W

  8. Antelope Spring Crossroad: 39° 18.800' N113° 14.789' W

  9. East Spring Rd from Swasey Springs Rd: 39° 31.579' N113° 14.190' W

  10. Sand Pass Rd from East Spring Rd: 39° 36.189' N113° 22.779' W

  11. Weis Hwy from Sand Pass Rd: 39° 37.424' N113° 22.970' W

  12. Well 58 Rd from Weis Hwy: 39° 36.643' N113° 28.992' W

  13. Well 58: 39° 32.057' N113° 36.576' W

  14. Coyote Spring Rd: 39° 24.518' N113° 38.741' W

  15. Coyote Spring: 39° 25.430' N113° 29.266' W

  16. Old 6 & 50 from Well 58 Rd: 39° 20.359' N113° 39.525' W

  17. Gandy Rd from Old 6 & 50: 39° 13.482' N114° 0.048' W

  18. US 6 & 50 from Gandy Rd: 39° 3.377' N114° 2.197' W

  19. US 6 & 50 from Old 6 & 50 (near Delta): 39° 18.438' N112° 47.473' W

Herd Areas included in this tour:

Conger Mountain

Swasey Mountain

Confusion Mountains