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Population estimates are based on BLM's 2017 HAHMA Statistical Report, and are not adjusted for subsequent growth and removals.  Links will be activated as pages are completed (see About this project for more details). 

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Four herd areas in the northern West Desert (between the Wasatch Front and Nevada state border).

Northwest Map 1.png


Three herd areas in and around the Uintah Basin (Roosevelt, Vernal, Colorado state border).

Northeast Map 1.png

1- Bonanza (HA) - 45 horses

*2- Hill Creek (HA) - 240 horses

*3 -Winter Ridge (HA) - 60 horses


Five herd areas in the San Rafael Swell and Canyonlands (Carbon, Emery and Wayne Counties)

Central East Map 1.png

*1- Canyonlands (HMA) - 183 burros

2- Muddy Creek (HMA)161 horses

*3- Range Creek (HMA) - 315 horses (Carbon County)

4- Robbers' Roost (HA) - 33 horses

*5- Sinbad (HMA) - 130 burros


Eight herd areas in the southern West Desert (western Millard County).

Central West Map1.png

1- Blawn Wash (HMA) - 25 horses

2- Burbank (HA) - no horses remaining

3- Confusion Mountains (HMA) - 465 horses

4- Conger Mountain (HMA) - 167 horses

*5- Frisco (HMA) - 168 horses

6- King Top (HMA) - 10 horses

*7- Sulphur (HMA) - 812 horses

*8- Swasey Mountain (HMA) - 310 horses

*The House Range Loop - 3 HMAs in one day!


Seven herd areas in southwestern Utah (Beaver and Iron Counties).

Southwest Map 1.png

1- Bible Spring (HMA) - 188 horses

2- Chloride Canyon (HMA) - 136 horses

3- Choke Cherry (HMA) - 180 horses

4- Four Mile (HMA) - 210 horses

5- Mt. Elinore (HMA) - 96 horses

6- North Hills (HMA) - 194 horses

7- Tilly Creek (HMA) - 196 horses

*The Escalante Desert Loop - 6 HMAs in one day!



Two herd areas in southeastern Utah (Garfield and Kane Counties).

Southeast Map 1.png

1- Harvey's Fear (HA) - 25 horses

2- Moody-Wagon Box Mesa (HA) - no horses remaining


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