Lounging with Lucy the Adventure Dog

Losing money on the ponies

A sunburned smile for Kelly

Kelly and Legend

Did I mention Lucy the Adventure Dog?

wild horse hammer of the high desert

Robert Hammer is a healthcare revenue cycle analytics manager and native Utahan.  He has several newspaper op-eds and professional articles to his credit, and enjoys writing third-person autobiographical sketches (maybe a little too much).  His ground-breaking “Estimated Payment Ability” algorithm for allocating charitable care was detailed in a peer-reviewed article published in the March 2006 edition of HFM, the Healthcare Financial Management Association’s monthly journal.  You may also remember him as the creator of the “3-Rs” approach to revenue cycle outcomes analysis, described in the Fall 2006 edition of AAHAM’s quarterly journal (No? Well, that was a while back).  He once entered a meeting with his superiors stating, "Some of you may have heard whispers about the Nobel Committee creating a new category for revenue cycle analytics.  Let me just say that no one has contacted me directly about that."  It was worth a shot, but the rumor never gained traction.  Non-professionally, the Salt Lake Tribune has published several of his essays on various social and political topics over the past decade.

Robert and his adoring wife (his best friend and easily the best thing that ever happened to him) make their home in Salt Lake City.  Mrs. Robert Hammer is an avid eventing and endurance rider, and keeps her handsome Arabian, Legend, on a private ranch in Kaysville, Utah.

People who know Rob will be amazed that he made it to the end of this sketch without mentioning that his younger days included a state high school bodybuilding championship and being named honor graduate in Marine Corps Infantry Training School.  Now a few years into his second half-century, he still clings desperately to the belief that these musty accomplishments mean something.  Just smile and nod approvingly (or knowingly), for his sake.